Godparenting: an education insurance policy


There should be an intervening law on making a person your godfather or god mother..

I’ve experienced having a godfather that doesn’t acknowledge my prescence whenever my father drags me to one of their family gatherings.  As sensitive  human being, I read his body language as a sign of unwantedness.

Unconsentedly having 5 godchildren, I understand the 58-year-old man. I too, don’t like to have a responsiblity that I am not even prepared for.

Filipinos, as close-knit people as they are, give to each other.  This applies to  shedding money during christmas to buy gifts for their godchildren, and escalates to taking responsibility for the tuition fees of the child in some cases.

It depends on the relatives, but ours are not necessarily the conscientuous and thoughtful types. It is an added burden when your relatives think of you as a bank.

Two years after graduating from college, I landed two reputable jobs consecutively. One, was from radio, the next, was a writing gig for a big UK company. But as my career started to grow, so did my godchild count.

Four months ago, our distant relative announced that she has already listed me as the main godparent of his sister’s new-born son… What the hell? I didn’t even get to see the mother of the child.

Soon, another was added to the list when my pregnant cousin announced that I was going to be her baby’s godparent.

I’m getting the feeling that my relatives have a hidden agenda behind making me their child’s god mother.


My experience often lacks this. I don’t know about other people, but I don’t want to take on a responsibility out of “kaikog”,

I have a number of cebuano culture woes, and this is part of it.

Filipinos in general, take pride in the people they choose to become their godparents… I understand this, but what about the other party? do the ones taking responsibility have a say on this?


An interesting story


I have this crazy Idea:

Bagani, of the Amaya show on GMA, had turned to become a viscious killer, from a merciful and kind heir to the throne.  But what if he had an open-minded confidant, (which could be me) that came from the 21st century, who will teach him the modern lessons of emotion-management and self growth, garnered from the ideas of self-improvement doctors, like Dr. Phil? Will he regret to have become a killer? Will he start questioning the rules of his kingdom? and will the confidant, be a threat to his kingdom, once he or she empowers each slave to have the right to his or her life??? I think that would be an interesting point… and audiences will learn as well.

I’ll save Vicky Belo’s life one day


I hate my flabby arms. I don’t feel confident wearing sleeveless tops.

My crooked spine is too delicate for those chair exercises performed by tough trainer Jillian,  on Rachael Ray.

I’m not sure if lifting 140 something pounds would do any  good for my scoliosis – –  nor am I that committed to doing them on a daily basis.

So, If I’m not into sweat and pain, probably – or I think the only and best way to achieve those perfectly toned arms is through cosmetic surgery.

These days, they have several up-to-date, non-invasive procedures with fast and minimal recovery time that use laser or  machines. I don’t know how those work, but Ruffa Gutierezz and other once-overweight-from-pregnancy stars look pretty good after going through the procedures. (if it worked for that stubborn fat on their bellies, it might also work for my arms) Of course, by the best cosmetic doctor in the philippines, none other than Dra. Vicky Belo.

So I thought, why not, right?

Despite already knowing that it may cost me an arm and a leg because of its luxurious price, I opened their website and read their FAQs. . . I then fantasized about never worrying or being conscious about my arms. Flashes of me in a  sleeveless chiffon dress, strolling confidently in the mall, toting a cute designer (or class-A imitation)  arm candy, and  looking all perfect, played in my mind.

However, with my current earning, it’s not enough. Or it may take some few months of pacifying an irate foreign customer while trying to calm yourself down from all the irateness.

Also, it would seem unfair to myself if I just spend it all on one frigging procedure, after all the nights I deprived myself of sleep.

It’s just not feasible, but i still want it!

After a few moments, my imaginative mind came up with an idea.

Recently, our country has been visited by torturous storms, of which names I didn’t care to ask or remember, which devastated homes and ships.

A sinking ship and a drowning Vicky Belo came to my mind.

I come to the rescue, and she’ll reward me with what, none other than a free slimming procedure!

What else could create the perfect scenario to save a renowned cosmetic surgeon?

Why, nothing else but the elements! No one can predict nor control a storm, nor a sinking ship!

As bad as it may sound, it’s a plausible idea. I just have to pray reeeaally hard that it does come true (believe me, if you want it soo bad, it does) and, if it does, who knows?  she might even offer to do my flabby back as well as suck out all the fat in my inner thighs and waist and tone them up – that’ll be ssweeet!)

Sun Commercial (or any internet provider) Idea


Slow internet connection film idea


Girl/Guy working inside his haunted computer room.  He wears his headphones enjoying the tune of his favorite music on youtube which is already almost at the end.  After his music stops, he returns to his word document and starts typing.

He then starts hearing weird noises.  He stops for a moment, and continues. But after a few moments, the noise starts again.  He starts to panic and frantically points the cursor to the website tab and clicks on his last visited youtube site.

His internet connection is slow.

FLASH : Connecting … (IP address)


His/Her panic heightens. Hand on mouse shaking.

Finally the youtube site starts to load…but still needed to buff.

Then Copy phrase.

Rebecca Mclanahan’s Word Painting


I’d like to refer a quote I just read from a really good book by Rebecca Maclanahan

p. 400

” …Because she is looking with wonder, expectantly, the view expands to fill her growing eye. Puget Sound moves out of the realm of common sense and into the realm of the imagination. It’s as if the writer is shining a flashlight from the inside of her subject, illuminating its inner workings”

If you read a book that talks about the workings of your imagination, recalling those moments where I see art, and I see something out of it, or an ordinary object that comes alive and given more meaning, it makes the world a whole lot sensible and makes you understand and learn more about your true imaginative and artistic nature.


“Unquestioned beauty can easily become boring.  It is the flawed subject that we are most likely to remember”


Brief Film Dialogue Ideas


INT. Hospital Day.

6-year old girl, wearing shorts, t-shirt, shoes and sporting asian black hair with bangs, stands in the corridor, 30 steps away from the entrance of an E.R. waiting for her mother (cause still not decided.)

V.O. (voice over)

When I was a little girl, I always felt sick whenever I look at physiological changes in a person’s body.


A bunch of school kids playing in the playground. Their pregnant teacher is being welcomed by two school kids. Their teacher carrying few envelopes on her other arm. Their teacher stops to greet the excited little kids, except for one little girl. (me, or Abby) Abby stops and stares at the teacher’s pregnant belly. Abby is horrified by the big bump protruding on the teacher’s chiffon top.

Teacher notices Abby and says hi to her. But the little Abby is stopped at her

V.O. (Abby)
I always had a little bit of wild imagination. pregnant bumps…

Abby cringes while Teacher continues to gently rub her head. Her eyes focuses on her teacher’s baby bump.


V.O. (Abby)

and blood.

Abby turns to the entrance of the door and sees a bloody patient from an accident being carried to the room. Abby is horrified by the blood-shot red fluid flowing from the patient’s arm.

Sweet Feel-good Flicks


Did you hear about the Morgans?

A divorced couple (starring Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant) reconciles their marriage after being forced to fly off to a country side (in Wyoming) far from their New York home to get away after witnessing a murder.

In my opinion, the movie represents the modern-day couple. Portrays real life stories and honest and wise dialogue. Coupled with two other characters, the sheriff, Parker’s make-shift  “cousin” and his wife, presenting how older couples have gone through with some of the rocky episodes of their marriage, this movie really just knocks some sense to those who can relate to it.

For a single lady like me, this movie gave me a glimpse of what marriage is about, in such a different, loving view from my idea of a perfect relationship… (it’s an expression) there is no perfect relationship, no perfect person and certainly no perfect husband or spouse, the only way to work it out is not to expect more from what your husband or spouse can give… more important of all, communicate!